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Govt-Files is please to present a premium public record databases resource. This public database resource is for all those who accept all the terms of this Membership Registration Agreement and make applicable payment. By purchasing our service, you agree to be bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree with any term or condition of the Agreement, you are not authorized to become a registered member.

It is unlawful to use the database resource to harass people or use this resource for any unlawful acts. This website or the membership site that accesses the public records databases, does not guarantee accuracy of the databases and resources found in the members area. All records found on our web site are not to be used for any purpose except for informational use only to help keep you informed of the general public. This website and is not responsible for your actions or anyone elses actions arising from the information and records found on our web site. We cannot guarantee that ALL records are accurate or available in our databases. Our databases are not to be used for employment decisions, unlawful acts, stocking, harassing, embarrassing others or anything else which is against our policy as stated in these Terms and Conditions.

Although we are one of the best public record providers on the Internet covering over 1 Billion public records in our databases, we cannot guarantee that record results will be available for any particular person you are seeking. When results of a search subject are found, results may come back with limited information. The purchase of your membership is for your convenience of accessing multiple databases in one location (the members area) and having features that otherwise isn't easily found for free elsewhere on the Internet. Premium searches are allocated to each membership plan. These premium searches are in addition to the vast search resources available on the members area. The purchase of your membership is to help keep you informed of the general public records only and should not be purchased if you:

  • are in desperate need of finding specific information on a particular person as not all records are complete or accurate
  • use our service to harass or use as legal leverage against someone
  • are seeking records of a private nature
  • do not agree with our terms and conditions

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